What Is Self Assessment In Education?

What Is Self Assessment In Education? | Meaning Of Self Assessment | Role Duties And Responsibilities Of Teacher In Self Assessment

What Is Self Assessment?

Self Assessment Is A Very Powerful Teaching Tool And Crucial To The Assessment For Learning Process.

Once Learners Can Engage In Peer-Assessment Activities, They Will Be More Able To Apply These New Skills To Undertaking Objective ‘Assessment Of Their Own Work.

We All Know It Is Easy To Find Fault In Other People's Work, But It Is A Far More Challenging Process To Judge One's Own Work.

Once Learners Can Assess Their Own Work And Their Current Knowledge Base, They Will Be Able To Identify The Gap In Their Own Learning; This Will Aid Learning And Promote Progress And Contribute To The Self-Management Of Learning.

Role Of Teacher In Self Assessment

Teachers Need To

  • Provide Opportunities For Learners To Reflect On Their Own Work
  • Ensure They Provide Individuals With The Necessary Support So That They Are Able To Acknowledge Shortcomings In Their Own Work
  • Support Learners Through The Self-Assessment Process So That Strengths In Their Work Are Fully Recognized And Weaknesses Are Not Exaggerated To The Point That They Damage Learners self-Esteem.
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