Characteristics Of Classroom Assessment

Characteristics Of Classroom Assessment

7 Characteristics Of Classroom Assessment | What Are The Main Features And Characteristics Of Assessment?

The Different Characteristics Of Classroom Assessment Are Given Below.

1. Learner-Centered

The Primary Attention Of Teachers Is Focused On Observing And Improving Learning.

2. Teacher-Directed

Individual Teachers Decide What To Assess, How To Assess, And How To Respond To The Information Gained Through The Assessment. Teachers Do Not Need To Share Results With Anyone Outside Of The Class.

3. Mutually Beneficial

Students Are Active Participants. Students Are Motivated By The Increased Interest Of Faculty In Their Success As Learners. Teachers Improve Their Teaching Skills And Gain New Insights.

4. Formative

Assessments Are Almost Never "Graded". Assessments Are Almost Always Anonymous In The Classroom And Often Anonymous Online. Assessments Do Not Provide Evidence For Evaluating Or Grading Students.

5. Context-Specific

Assessments Respond To The Particular Needs And Characteristics Of The Teachers, Students And Disciplines To Which They Are Applied.

6. Ongoing

Classroom Assessment Is A Continuous Process. Part Of The Process Is Creating And Maintaining A Classroom "Feedback Loop". Each Classroom Assessment Event Is Of Short Duration.

7. Rooted In Good Teaching Practice

Classroom Assessment Builds On Good Practices By Making Feedback On Students' Learning More Systematic, More Flexible And More Effective.

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