What Are Standardized Tests?

Standardized Tests: Meaning, Definition, Characteristics, Features, Role And Importance, Steps Involved In Constructing Standardized Tests

What Are Standardized Tests?

A Standardized Test Is One Which Norm Have Been Established. The Test Has Been Given To A Large Number Of Students.

A Norm Is An Average Score Which Measures Achievement. So, Every Standardized Test Has Norms.

It Is Intended For General Use And Covers A Wider Scope Of Material Than Is Covered In An Ordinary Teacher Made Test.

A Standardized Test Is One In Which The Procedure, Apparatus And Scoring Have Fixed So That Precisely The Same Test Can Be Given At Different Time And Places.

A Standardized Test Is One Which Has Been Given To So Many People That The Test Makers Have Been Able To Determine Fairly Accurately How Well A Typical Person Of A Particular Age Or Grade In School Will Succeed In It.

Role And Importance Of Standardized Test

  1. Information Becomes Easier To Convince The Guardians Of Students.
  2. Information In Much Less Time Than Provided By Other Devices.
  3. Information For All Guidance Workers.
  4. Aspects Of The Behavior Which Otherwise Could Not Be Obtained.
  5. Objectives And Impartial Informative About An Individual.

Constructing A Standardized Test

Steps Involved In Standardized Test

  1. Proper Planning
  2. Adequate Preparations
  3. Try-Out Of The Test
  4. Preparation Of Proper Norms
  5. Preparation Of A Manual Containing Instruction Of Administering A Tool Or Test.
  6. Item Analysis

Characteristics Of A Standardized Test

  • Standardized Tests Are Based On The Content And Objectives Of Teaching Common To Many Schools.
  • Not Just One, But A Team Of Experts Are Involved In The Writing Of Test Items.
  • Item’s Analysis Is Done On The Basis Of A Pilot Study, Unlike In The Case Of A Class Room Test.
  • Norms Are Calculated For The Purpose Of Comparison Between Grades, Schools, Age Levels And Sexes.
  • They Cover Large Segments Of Knowledge And Skills.
  • Test Manuals Are Prepared.
  • Fairly A Large Same, Not Just One Class Is Involved In The Standardization Of A Test.
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