What Is Summative Assessment?

What Is Summative Assessment | Meaning Of Summative Assessment And Evaluation In Education And Teaching | What Is Meant By Summative Assessment?

What Is Summative Assessment?

Summative Assessment (Sa) Is Given To The Students After He Or She Has Passed All The Formative Assessments. The Effectiveness Of Teaching And Instruction Is Evaluated On The Basis Of Student's Performance.

Summative Assessment Comes At The End Of Course.

Summative Assessment Is Done At The End Of Instruction To Measure At What Extend The Students Have Attained Their Achievement.

Summative Assessment Is Concerned With The Learning Outcomes In The Teaching-Learning Process. The Results Are Statistically Analyzed And Interpreted.

Summative Assessment Involves The Final Tests Or The Annual Examinations That Declare A Student's Promotion To The Next Higher Class Or Detention In The Same Class.

A Summative Evaluator Gathers Information And Judges The Merit Of Overall Instructional Sequence To Retain Or Adapt That Sequence.

The Formative And Summative Assessments Are Complimentary To Each Other In Teaching-Learning.

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