Why Is Practical Work Important?

Why Is Practical Work Important? | Meaning Of Practical Work | Purpose And Aims Of Practical Work In Teaching, Learning, Education, Assessment And Evaluation

Practical Work Is Considered An Integral Part Of Students Experience In The Discipline.

Practical Work Is A Necessary Part Of The Learning Experience Of Most Students And Especially Those Of

  • Science,
  • Engineering And
  • Health-Related Disciplines

Practical Work Refers To Those Activities In Which Students Manipulate And Observe Real Objects And Materials In The Laboratory And The Field.

Practical Work In The Subjects Sits Within Thinking And Working Scientifically And Is Intrinsic To A Full Learning Experience For Students; It Is Not An Additional Component Of Teaching And Learning.

Why Is Practical Work Important?

  1. It Serves Many Purposes It Can Develop Essential Transferable Skills, Perhaps Associated With Information Technology,
  2. It Can Develop Subject Specific Skills And It Can Serve To Demonstrate And Reinforce the Material Of Lecture Courses.
  3. Practical Work Helps Them To Learn Team-Working Skills, Safe Working Practices And Self- Dependence.

There Should Be An Expectation That On Completing The Course Students Are Able To Perform A Range Of Procedures With Due Regard For Accuracy And Risk Management.

They Should Have Hands-On Experience Of Conducting Specific Technical And Manipulative Tasks. Students Should Be Given The Opportunity To Undertake Work In Which They Make Their Own Decisions,

For Example, Through An Investigation Of Their Choosing Over An Extended Period Of Time. They Should Be Assessed On Their Ability To Plan, Observe, Record, Analyze, Communicate And Evaluate Through This Activity.

A Range Of Practical Activities Should Be Incorporated Into The Teaching Of Ideas To Enable Students To Develop Their Understanding Through Interacting With Objects And Observations.

It Is Widely Recognized That Practical Work Is A Vital Element Of School And There Are A Number Of High-Quality Resources To Support It.

Practical Work Aims To Improve

  • Clarity Of Learning Outcomes Associated With Practical Work
  • Effectiveness And Impact Of Practical Work On Learning
  • Quality Rather Than Quantity Of Practical Work And
  • To Ensure That These Developments Are Sustainable
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