Performance Task Assessment

Performance Task Assessment: Meaning And Definition, Benefits, Advantages, And Steps

What Is Performance Task Assessment?

Performance Task Assessment Lists Are Assessment Tools That Provide The Structure Students Need To Work More Independently And To Encourage Them To Pay Attention To The Quality Of Their Work.

  • Performance Task Assessment Also Enables The Teacher To Efficiently Provide Students With Information On The Strengths And Weaknesses Of Their Work.
  • In Creating Performance Task Teachers Focus On What Students Need To Know And Be Able To Do.
  • One Result Is That Teachers Can More Consistently And Fairly Evaluate And Grade Students Work.
  • Information From Performance Task Assessment Also Helps Students Set Learning Goals And Thus Helps Teachers Focus Subsequent Instruction.

Before They Submit Their Work, Students Do A Final Inspection Of Their Own Graphs And Complete The Self-Assessment Column. During This Self-Assessment Step, Students Often Find Ways To Improve Their Work.

Peer Assessment Can Also Take Place At This Time. Experiences With Peer Assessment Often Improve Students' Self-Assessing Skills.

The Final Step Is For The Teacher To Assess The Work And At The Same Time, Evaluate The Student's Self-Assessment.

When Discrepancies Are Found Between The Student's Self-Assessment And The Teacher's Assessment Of The Student's Work, The Teacher May Decide To Hold Conferences With The Students Who Need Work On Improving The Accuracy Of Their Self-Assessment.

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