Similar Terms For Assessment And Evaluation

Different Terminologies For Assessment And Evaluation | Similar Terms For Assessment And Evaluation

Different Terms Often Used In Place Of Assessment And Evaluation | Similar Terms For Assessment & Evaluation | Different Terminologies For Assessment

Different Terminologies Are There For Assessment And Evaluation Such As

  1. Measurement
  2. Tests
  3. Examination
  4. Appraisal
  5. Evaluation


Measurement Is Actually The Process Of Estimating The Values That Is The Physical Quantities Like;

  • Time
  • Temperature
  • Weight
  • Length Etc.

Each Measurement Value Is Represented In The Form Of Some Standard Units. The Estimated Values By These Measurements Are Actually Compared Against The Standard Quantities That Are Of the Same Type.

Measurement Is The Assignment Of A Number To A Characteristic Of An Object Or Event, Which Can Be Compared With Other Objects Or Events. The Scope And Application Of A Measurement Are Dependent On The Context And Discipline.


A Test Is A Procedure Intended To Establish The Quality, Performance, Or Reliability Of Something, Especially Before It Is Taken Into Widespread Use.


Examination Is The Act Of Examining Or State Of Being Examined (Education).

Written Exercises, Oral Questions Or Practical Tasks, Set To Test A Candidate‘S Knowledge And Skill.


Appraisal Is An Assessment Or Estimation Of The

  • Worth,
  • Value Or
  • Quality Of A Person Or Thing.

Impartial Analysis And Evaluation Conducted According To Established Criteria To Determine The Acceptability, Merit, Or Worth Of An Item.


Evaluation Is A Broader Term That Refers To All Of The Methods Used To Find Out What Happens As A Result Of Using A Specific Intervention Or Practice. Evaluation Is The Systematic Assessment Of The Worth Or Merit Of Some Object.

It Is The Systematic Acquisition And Assessment Of Information To Provide Useful Feedback About Some Object.


In Education, The Term Assessment Refers To The Wide Variety Of Methods That Educators Use To Evaluate, Measure, And Document The Academic Readiness, Learning Progress, And Skill Acquisition Of Students From Preschool Through College And Adulthood.

It Is The Process Of Systematically Gathering Information As Part Of An Evaluation. Assessment Is Carried Out To See What Children And Young People Know, Understand, And Are Able To Do.

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