What Do You Mean By Learning Theory?

What Do You Mean By Learning Theory?

What Do You Mean By Learning Theory? | Different Kinds Of Learning Theories

Meaning Of Learning Theory

Learning Theories Are Conceptual Frameworks Describing How Information Is Absorbed, Processed, And Retained During Learning.

  • Cognitive,
  • Emotional,
  • Environmental Influences,
  • As Well As Prior Experience,

All Play A Part In How Understanding, Or A World View, Is Acquired Or Changed And Knowledge And Skills Retained.

Different Learning Theories Are:

  • Behaviorism
  • Cognitivism
  • Constructivism

Behaviorists Look At Learning As An Aspect Of Conditioning And Will Advocate A System Of Rewards And Targets In Education.

Educators Who Embrace Cognitive Theory Believe That The Definition Of Learning As A Change In Behavior Is Too Narrow And Prefer To Study The Learner Rather Than Their Environment And In Particular The Complexities Of Human Memory.

Those Who Advocate Constructivism Believe That A Learner's Ability To Learn Relies To A Large Extent On What He Already Knows And Understands, And The Acquisition Of Knowledge Should Be An Individually Tailored Process Of Construction.

Transformative Learning Theory Focuses Upon The Often-Necessary Change That Is Required In A Learner's Preconceptions And World View.

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