What Is Formative Assessment In Education?

What Is Formative Assessment? | Meaning Of Formative Assessment And Evaluation| What Is Formative Assessment In Education | What Is Formative Assessment In Schools

What Is Formative Assessment In Education

Formative Assessment Means Programme Which Are Directed To Modify Or To Improve.

Formative Assessment Is An Active Learning Process That The Teachers And The Students Continuously And Systematically Improving Student’s Achievement.

Teachers And Their Students Actively Engage In The Formative Assessment Process To Focus On Learning Goals And Take Action To Move Closer To The Goal.

  • It Should Be Conducted Continuously Throughout The Course.
  • It Is Used To Improve Instruction And Learning And To Keep Both Students And Teachers Aware Of The Course Objectives And The Student's Progress In Achieving Those Objectives.

The Results Of Formative Assessment Are Analyzed And Used To Focus The Efforts Of The Teacher And Students.

Formative Assessment Encompasses Teacher Observation Class Room Discussion And Analysis Of Student Work, Including Homework And Tests.

The Assessment Become Formative When The Information Is Used To Adapt Teaching And Learning To Meet Student Needs.

Formative Assessment Can Be Carried Out Through

  • Unit Tests,
  • Home Assignments And
  • Quiz Programmes, Etc.

The Primary Purpose Of Formative Assessment Is To Improve Learning, Not Merely To Audit It. It Is Assessment For Learning Rather Than Assessment Of Learning.

Formative Assessment Is Both An Instructional Tool That Teachers And Their Students Use While Learning Is Occurring.

Teachers And Students Adopt The Role Of Intentional Learners. The Formative Assessment Process Constantly Uses Evidence To Guide Teaching And Learning.

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