What Is Formative Assessment?

What Is Formative Assessment

What Is Formative Assessment | Meaning Of Formative Assessment | Kinds Of Formative Assessment | What Is Formative Assessment In Education?

Formative Assessment Meaning

Formative Assessment Provides Feedback And Information During The Instructional Process, While Learning Is Taking Place, And While Learning Is Occurring. Formative Assessment Measures Student Progress But It Can Also Assess Your Own Progress As An Instructor.

A Primary Focus Of Formative Assessment Is To Identify Areas That May Need Improvement. These Assessments Typically Are Not Graded And Act As A Gauge To Students Learning Progress And To Determine Teaching Effectiveness.

Kinds Of Formative Assessment

The 7 Major Types Of Formative Assessment Are

  1. Observations During In-Class Activities
  2. Homework Exercises As Review For Exams And Class Discussions
  3. Reflections Journals That Are Reviewed Periodically During The Semester
  4. Question And Answer Sessions, Both Formal - Planned And Informal - Spontaneous
  5. Conferences Between The Instructor And Student At Various Points In The Semester
  6. In-Class Activities Where Students Informally Present Their Results
  7. Student Feedback Collected By Periodically
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