What Is Peer Assessment?

What Is Peer Assessment? | Meaning And Fundamental Requirements For Peer Assessment | What Are The Benefits Of Organizing Peer Assessment Activities?

What Is Peer Assessment?

It Is Widely Recognized That When Learners Are Fully Engaged In The Learning Process, Learning Increases.

A Fundamental Requirement Of Assessment For Learning Is For Learners To Know

  • What They Have To Learn,
  • Why It Is Required And
  • How It Is To Be Assessed?

When Learners Are Able To Understand The Assessment Criteria, Progress Is Often Maximized, Especially When Individuals Have Opportunities To Apply The Assessment Criteria To Work Produced By Their Peers As Part Of Planned Classroom Activities.

Peer Assessment Using The Predefined Assessment Criteria Is The Next Stage To Evaluate Learner Understanding And Consolidating Learning.

Benefits Of Organizing Peer Assessment Activities

  1. Learners Clarifying Their Own Ideas And Understanding Of The Learning Intention
  2. Checking Individuals ‘Understanding Of The Assessment Criteria And How It Is To Be Applied To Learners ‘Work.
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