What Is Prognostic Assessment?

What Is Prognostic Assessment?

What Is Prognostic Assessment | Meaning and Goals Of The Prognostic Personality And Abilities Assessment | What Is Prognostic Assessment In Education?

Meaning Of Prognostic Assessment

A Prognostic Assessment Expands The Findings Of An Assessment With Analysis Of Abilities And Potentials With A Further Dimension: The Future Development Of The Concerned Person, As Well As The Necessary Conditions, Timeframe And Limits.

Finding The Right Person For An Executive Position Needs A Reliable Comprehension Of The Personality As Well As The Possibilities And Limits Concerning The Personal Development.

Even An Experienced And Keen Observer Of Human Nature May Get Deluded, Even Recognized And Proven Test Procedures May Be Incomplete Or Leading To Wrong Results And Misjudgments Can Become Expensive In Substantial And Immaterial Ways.

Goals Of The Prognostic Personality And Abilities Assessment

Analysis Of Existing Abilities And Interests, Including The Not (Yet) Known Ones And The Development To Be Expected.

  • If Needed, A Comparison With Job Description And Profile Of Requirements.
  • Basic Conditions And Needs For The Development: How It Can Be Enhanced And Ensured.
  • Period: How Long The Development Will Take Until The Defined Goals Can Be Reached.
  • Limits Of Developmental Possibilities, Either Referring To The Defined Goals (Selection Assessment), Or Generally, With A Realistic Time Frame Of 3 To 5 Years.
  • Quality Assurance And Sustainability: How The Results Can Be Monitored And Ensured In The Long Term.

The Prognostic Assessment Is Suitable For All Management Levels Including Executive Board And Administrative Council, But Likewise For Young People With The Aim Of A Comprehensive Potential Analysis. Typically, The Prognostic Assessment Is Accomplished As An Individual One- Day-Assessment. The Objectives Are Defined Individually.

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