What Is Summative Assessment?

What Is Summative Assessment?

What Is Summative Assessment : Meaning And Kinds Of Summative Assessment | What Is Summative Assessment In Education?

Summative Assessment Meaning

Summative Assessment Takes Place After The Learning Has Been Completed And Provides Information And Feedback That Sums Up The Teaching And Learning Process.

Typically, No More Formal Learning Is Taking Place At This Stage, Other Than Incidental Learning Which Might Take Place Through The Completion Of Projects And Assignments.

Kinds Of Summative Assessment

The 8 Types Of Summative Assessment Are:

  1. Examinations (Major, High-Stakes Exams)
  2. Final Examination (A Truly Summative Assessment)
  3. Term Papers (Drafts Submitted Throughout The Semester Would Be A Formative Assessment)
  4. Projects (Project Phases Submitted At Various Completion Points Could Be Formatively Assessed)
  5. Portfolios (Could Also Be Assessed During Its Development As A Formative Assessment)
  6. Performances
  7. Student Evaluation Of The Course (Teaching Effectiveness)
  8. Instructor Self-Evaluation
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