Qualities Of Practicality In A Test

Qualities Of Practicality In A Test

Qualities Of Practicality In A Test| What Is Practicality Of A Test? | What Are The Qualities Of Practicability Of A Test In Assessment And Evaluation?

The Tests Must Inspire A Feeling Of Reality And Purpose. The Physical Appearance Of The Test Should Be As Attractive And Interesting As Is Feasible.

The Qualities Of Practicability In A Test Involve Factors Such As

  1. Cost
  2. Administration
  3. Scoring Method
  4. Mode Of Interpretation
  5. Time And Availability Of Tests


  • Tests That Can Be Given In A Short Period Of Time Are Likely To Gain The Cooperation Of The Subjects And To Conserve The Time Of All Those Involved In Test Administration.
  • Teachers Should Examine The Quality Of Highest Quality And That May Be Obtained Within The Budget.


  • The Use Of Any Test Should Be Judged In Terms Of The Related Competencies Of The Personnel.
  • Tests That Are Interesting And Enjoyable Help To Gain The Cooperation Of The Subject.
  • Those Are Dull Or Seem Silly May Discourage The Subject.
  • Under These Unfavorable Conditions, The Test Is Not Likely To Yield Useful Results.

Scoring Method

Intelligence And Personality Tests Require Expertly Trained Personnel. Test Should Be Reviewed Carefully To Determine Practicability.

Mode Of Interpretation

  • The Tests Such As Personality, Attitudes, Aptitudes And Interest Should Be Interpreted With Validity.
  • The Manual Of Tests Should Be Studied Carefully To Determine The Feasibility Of Interpretation Of Results.
  • Test Scores And Result Must Be Amenable For Interpretation By The Researcher’s Objectivity And Uniformly.


  • Suitable Short Test Rather Than A Longer And More Comprehensive One Which Gives More Valid And Reliable Results.
  • Several Short Tests Will Give More Complete Description Of The Individual.
  • The Length Of A Test Has An Important Effect Upon Cooperation Interest And Effort Of The Examiner.

Availability Of Tests

It Is Essential That Parallel Forms Of The Test Be Available For Administration Before And After A Particular Period Of Time. Therefore, The Quality Of Each Item Should Be Important.

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