What Is Diagnostic Assessment?

What Is Diagnostic Assessment?

What Is Diagnostic Assessment : Meaning And Kinds Of Diagnostic Assessments | What Is Diagnostic Assessment In Education?

Diagnostic Assessment Meaning

Diagnostic Assessment Can Help You Identify Your Students

  • Current Knowledge Of A Subject,
  • Their Skill Sets And Capabilities, And
  • To Clarify Misconceptions Before Teaching Takes Place.

Knowing Students Strengths And Weaknesses Can Help You Better Plan What To Teach And How To Teach It.

Kinds Of Diagnostic Assessments

The 4 Types Of Diagnostic Assessment Are:

  1. Pre-Tests (On Content And Abilities)
  2. Self-Assessments (Identifying Skills And Competencies)
  3. Discussion Board Responses (On Content-Specific Prompts)
  4. Interviews (Brief, Private, 10-Minute Interview Of Each Student)
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